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Kevin walked in and removed his shoes. "Jio! I'm home!" He had a bag of vegetables and various ingredients. It was their anniversary today but Jovani had work and they couldn't afford for him too miss it.

He placed the bags on the kitchen sink and went to the bedroom where he found his fiancé bent over a desk working out their bills. Kevin tip toes in and slid his hands down Jovani's shoulders and to his chest. He cradled his head in the crook of his neck and kissed his soft skin. "Mmnhm... How's it going papi~. "Jovani let out a soft groan and looked up to his older lover

"Mh. The same boring. But..." He said as he wrapped this arms around his waist and slid him into his lap. "It's much better now that you're here. "Kevin snorted and pushed the other male back. "You're such a dork. "Jovani chuckled and traced Kevin's thigh with his index finger.

"Well you agreed to marry this dork. "He laughed and kissed him. Kevin blushed and leaned into the kiss, his hands wandering into the warmth of his shirt.  He stopped himself and stood up. "I'm sorry..." Jovani said startled.

"No it's alright... I started that. I just..." Jovani suddenly stood up and hugged his shoulders. "You want to be abstinent until marriage. So just remember. Only a couple of months then your mine~. "He said pulling Kevin up by his waist into him. Kevins face burned with embarrassment as he was lowered onto the floor. "Now come on let's get dinner. "Kevin nodded and followed behind the much taller man. They cooked the lasagna without a hitch and watch a movie while they ate. Everything was going smoothly until later on.

Kevin had decided to take a shower while Jio relaxed and watched tv. Kevin was singing a song when he dropped the slippery soap bar. He was annoyed but the sweet boy didn't let it bother him too much. He reached  behind him to pick it up when he lost his footing and fell on his back. Kevin knocked the wind out of himself. He sat there in shock gasping for air when he heard the bathroom door open.

"Kevin? Is everything all right?" He'd heard Jovani's voice and nearly cried. "Help..." The taller boy opened the curtain and stood in shock. "W-What?..." Kevin gasped. Jovani covered his his blushing face and looked down. This was the first time he'd seen him naked. He looked around for his towel and found it on the floor. He'd turned off the water and wrapped the fluffy towel around Kevin and drew him into his arms.

Kevin had soft tears rolling down his cheeks Jovani noticed as he got closer. "No te preocupes, aqui estoy.(don't worry, I'm here) "He said softly and brought the older boy to their bed. He placed him down and removed the towel. His face heated up as he looked at the older male underneath him. So cute, so small, so...powerless...

He dryed him off with the towel. His hands roaming every inch of Kevin's naked body. When he got to the boys lower half he touched him gently. "Ah!" He let out a soft gasp. Jovani's heart sped up a bit as he did the same thing except putting more pressure  on him. "Haa! J-Jio what are you doing..." He blushed and looked down at him. Jio dropped towel altogether and grabbed Kevin's member. "Hey! What are you!-" he was caught off guard by the sudden hot, moist feeling around his member.  He arched his back and moved his hips up to meet his lovers mouth.

Shocked at his reaction Jovani pulled off and licked his lips. "Quite eager aren't you?" He chuckled. Kevin was embarrassed about how he reacted to that and put his hands over his face. Jovani stood up, towering over him and forced his hands from his face down to his sides. "Do you not want this?" Kevin's eyes widened at the sudden question and he looked away and mumbled something. "Kevin if you can look me in the eyes and tell me you want me to stop. I'll stop. "Kevin didn't respond to him just, kept his eyes firmly on the headboard. Jovani growled and kept his hands together while the other traveled down his soft body. "Tell me to stop. "Kevin let out a soft moan as Jovani sucked his fingers then slowly put one into his ass. "Tell me you don't want this. "He said and started fingering him with two fingers.

"AHH!" The young virgin boy groaned and arched his back. He grabbed Kevin's cheeks and forced him to look at him. "Do you want this?" He said huskily. Kevin nodded with years in his eyes. "Please just be gentle with me?" He said softly as Jio wiped away his tears and held his face. "Of course love. "He said removing his fingers. He got down on his knees and pulled Kevin's legs apart and started sucking on the boys member again. Kevin arched his back and ran his fingers through your hair.

"Aghh..." Kevin groaned. Suddenly he felt the fingers from before entering him again. "Ahh! T-Thats is too much!" He said as he bucked his hips up and down. Jovani smirked and pulled off stroking him. "I-I'm gonna cum.." He blushed saying softly. Suddenly everything stopped. "Hnnn W-Why!" He whined and squirmed on the bed. "Well teasing you is fun. And-" he said reading for a bottle of something from the jar. "You can't cum before me lindura(cutie)~. "Jovani purred. He squirted the thick clear liquid on his hand and rubbed it onto his ass fingering him a bit just to make sure it all got in. "It's cold papi" he moaned softly. Jovani just chucked and unzipped his pants.

He stroked himself with the lubed hand and spread Kevin's legs open. He pressed his hard cock into Kevin's hole and Kevin let out a scream "AHH! It! It hurts!" He screamed arching his back and clawing at the sheets. This only encouraged Jovani to go in deeper. Once he was all the way in he gave him some time to adjust. He let out a soft groan and leaned down kissing the boy who had streaks of tears going down his face. He nibbled enough on his nape giving him more than enough love bites to let everyone know he was his. Kevin shivered and leaned up whispering. "You can move now. "Jovani proudly obliged and began moving just a tad too fast. "HngAHH!" He groaned. He gritted his teeth and tightened himself around Jio as he began to go faster. Jio gripped the covers as he began pumping in and out of Kevin's tight ass.

"F-Fuck!" Jovani groaned and he slammed into Kevin's prostate. Kevin gripped his lovers hands and squeezed tight as he felt himself cum. Given the position he was stuck in he came onto his own face and a little in his mouth. He didn't want to stop this amazing sex, so he whimpered and swallowed his own cum. Jovani was getting close himself and kept slamming into the older boy. Kevin couldn't control himself. Being treated like this after an orgasm like that was too much. He was reduced to a shuddering gasping mess on the bed. Jovani finally came deep inside of him and it was like time slowed down.

Kevin looked up into Jovani's eyes and pulled him down into an embrace. He hugged him then pulled back enough just to look him in the eyes. Then he whispered.
"Te amo Jovani~."

"I love you too Kevin. "
Original yaoi smut: Anniversary dinner
Hey! So I hope you guys like this. It's yaoi smut fix I wrote a little bit ago. Enjoy~
Image by Punk-princess109

You kicked your little feet over the edge of your bed and tied your hair back in a ponytail  pulling it from your face. When you finished you jumped down and ran to your out into the hallway looking for your friends door.

"123, 124,..." You then gasped as you found in. "125!" You knocked on the door but found it unlocked. You peered inside and saw little 5 year old Tim looking out the window at something. You came in and stood on your toes to see. He didn't seem to mind your presence yet he didn't respond to you being there. "Watcha lookin at. "You said your eyes barely peeking over the top part of the window.

"This guy. "Was all he said. You tilted your head to the side like most children do as a sign of confusion and pulled up a chair so you could see better. Your eyes focused on a man outside, but something was off about him. He was in a suit but you couldn't make out any facial features.

"Who is he?"

"I don't know but he likes it out there. "

"Does he work here?" Tim then drew in a breath.

"I'm gonna tell you a secret but you can't tell anyone else!" He whispered. You bobbed your head up and down and Tim leaned over to whisper to you. "The doctors tell me he's not real. "You looked at him with a confused look and looked back at the man.

"What do ya mean I can see him right there stupid!" You said and clutched your little tummy beginning to laugh.

"I am not stupid!" He shrieked his chubby cheeks were bright from embarrassment. You suddenly felt a strong itching in your throat and your laughter turned into a fit of coughing. You toppled over on top of Tim causing him to collapse on the floor. "______! ______! Oh no! Hold on! Ok I know what to do. "He pushed you off of him and began digging through his desk. He pulled out a jar of prescription pills and tried his best to twist off the top but it had a child safety lock on it. He tried throwing it on the floor but it didn't work. He ran back over to you with tears in his eyes and say you up. He felt so helpless holding you like this as you began wheezing on blood.

"Help! Help!" He cried out his voice was hoarse and he was shaking. Finally a nurse came down and widened her eyes.

"What happened!" She screamed and picked you up.

"I don't know she just started coughing!" He screamed.

"_____! _____!"


You woke up in your bed panting heavily and in a cold sweat. Your cat stretched out beside you and let out a disgruntled meow. You shakily rubbed your cats soft head and turned towards the window. You felt an immediate wave of nausea you reached towards your drawer and looked for your pills. You opened the jar and poured the pills in your hand and swallowed them.

You didn't feel yourself going to bed after that scary dream you couldn't quite remember. You decided to go on YouTube. 'It 's probably not the best idea to read scary stories at...' You looked at the time.

"1:45. Ooh it's the time of the witching hour. Well... Hours?" 'But I don't care. 'You thought. As you typed 'Found Footage' into the search engine.

It had been some time since you've enjoyed a good spook so there were some updates on your favorite channels there were also some new ones as well. Most of the ones you watched were getting a bit repetitive so you decided on a new one.

"Marble Hornets?" You read the name aloud to yourself.  "Hm..." You pushed play on the first one, that read 'introduction'. You were immediately intrigued by this Jay character and his attempt at finding out how this faceless man connected to his friend Alex being missing.

You were watching the videos when you came to entry #9. This kid looked... Really familiar. Whatever it's just a show on YouTube ,none of it is even real anyway. You kept going until you came onto another entry. Entry #15 - Interview with Tim. Your eyes widened and your realized who it was.

"What the flipping hell!" You shrieked, waking your cat you had really got interested now. But you had to make sure so you broke your own rule. You skipped ahead until you found one with his face as the thumbnail.

"Entry # 17 huh..." You said as you clicked play. "HOLY CRAP!" You said giddily. "I know this person!" You said happily. "Oh my god, oh my god! I'm gonna ask him about it next time I see him. "You chuckled and looked at the clock. "Oh crap it's late... Early? I have to go to bed..." You said and closed your laptop going to bed.

When you woke up you had this overwhelming feeling of being watched. You felt the need to look out of your window but you didn't you... You were so scared. You didn't know why but you couldn't deal with it and decided it was best to get to work as soon as possible.


You face planted in your couch as soon as you got home. It had seemed to disrupt your cat so instead of going elsewhere his best form of retaliation was to sit on your head.

"How dare you. "You mumbled into your couch. You were sitting down when you saw a little beep from your email. It was your doctor confirming you were coming next Friday. Your eyes lit up and you messaged them back telling the yes.

You were super excited and couldn't wait to meet Tim again. Although you still felt as though you were forgetting something.
Image by Punk-princess109

You skipped and sung to your room, your hair dancing behind your small child body. You reached up to turn the doorknob when you saw him! Your best friend Tim!

"Timmy!" You said enthusiastically to him from down the hall. You ran towards him in your plain white gown and your standard issue hospital slippers. The boy seemed startled by you and jumped as you neared him. He was still visibly shaken up as he spoke to you.

"O-Oh it's just you ______. "

"Who else would it be stupid. "You laughed and punched his arm. He looked down for a moment and then smiled nervously.

"I don't k-know haha. "You were confused by this but smiled anyway.

"Ok well where are you going?"

"To get my dinner. "He said pointing down the hall.

"Mmm well I'll go with you!" You smiled showing your two missing front teeth. You walked down the hall with your friend. Dinner was fun you guys played a game of eye spy which after awhile Tim stopped playing for some reason.

"Do you not like to play with me?" You frowned with a mouthful of food.

"No I just don't like that game. "He frowned. "You got hair in your mouth. "He took his hand and brushed it out of your mouth along with the hair covering your eyes. "You should wear your hair like that more. You look better when you can see things for what they really look like. "Tim said and went back to eating the mediocre hospital food. You looked in the window across from you and pulled your hair off to the sides and smiled while eating your food.

-20 years later-

Your alarm rang furiously on the nightstand as you tried to ignore it. Finally after the third ring you got up.

"What was so important on my off day. "You groaned and sat up. "Crap! My doctors appointment!" You shrieked and shrugged on some jeans and a t-shirt. You slipped and hit your head on the floor as you tried to put on your socks while hopping to the door. You got up after awhile and went to go brush your teeth. After brushing you parted your hair down the middle and brought them to ponytails revealing your face. You smiled and then ran out to your car with your shoes in hand because you were incredibly late.

You slipped on your sneakers once in the parking lot and dashed into the medical office.

"Um hello! _______ _________! I'm a bit late for my appointment. "The sour faced old lady at the desk raised her eyebrows and looked at her computer.

"I see your... 35 minutes late..." You pursed your lips and forced a smile.

"Yes I am. " Your right eye twitched as she said that.

"You should try to be on time next time. "She said while handing you the clipboard do full out. You gritted your teeth and snatched it from her. You turned towards the crowded room and almost immediately your pulse began to quicken. You fidgeted with the clipboard and scanned for an empty seat until you found one and sat down quickly.

"She's a real pain isn't she. "You heard a males voice from beside you. You turned to face him and chuckled.

"Yeah you would think they'd have a more comforting person as the receptionist at a mental health office. "The man snorted.

"Yeah I know right. "You didn't want to just stare at him awkwardly after this so you decided to try and start a conversation with him.

"You uh you come here often?" You immediately felt like your subconscious had punched you in the stomach for being so dumb. You started giving yourself a good mental tongue lashing before he spoke.

"Heh yeah I come a lot..."

"Really? I've been coming here for years I've never seen you. "The man was quiet for a moment and you felt as though you'd offended him. However before you could say anything more stupid he spoke up.

"Recently my schedule has been bouncing around a lot. My jobs... Uhm job that I have now has a more stable work time than before. "

"Oh! Yeah I totally get it!" You smiled and nodded. "So what's your name. "You smiled.

"Tim. "He said. Your smile faded and you looked at him with the most confused look.

"Tim..." You said softly before the nurse called your name. You were startled from your trance and stood up.

"Y-Yes I'm right here..." You stood up and followed her. "Nice to meet you Tim. "You said as you waved goodbye to him. 'Tim. Tim. I've heard that name before. 'You thought. When you came back to the waiting room, Tim was gone and you had this weird urge to talk to him. You shook it off and went back home to make dinner. Aka hot pockets.

As made your sad excuse for a dinner you couldn't shake the feeling that you've seen him before. 'Tim was his name... I... I know a Tim.' You thought.
Masky/Tim X Reader: Memories Pt. 1
Please give me some feedback in the comments!! Thank you for reading
Image by Punk-princess109

Class was boring as always. Once the bell rang you couldn't leave fast enough to get to lunch. You sat with your friends and laughed, enjoying there company when you saw a boy. You watched him walked to a somewhat secluded spot and sit down. You took a bite of your sandwich and swallowed it slowly. One of your friends snapped you from your daze and you giggled waving away their suspicions.

However as time went by you began noticing him more often. As you sat down in film class there he was sitting directly across from you. At break time were you went to clear your head there he was reading a book or something. He always seemed to pop up everywhere and it was like he was doing it on purpose! Sure it was annoying but what could you do? Slap him for being around you?

-two weeks later-

As time went by you started to see him more often. You started to grow curious about this strange new student on campus but continued to stay away from him. For no reason besides your own awkwardness. Well one day at lunch for some reason when you get there.

"Hey! ______!" Your friend called out to you.

"Hey dude! What's up!" You had looked up from your tray and failed to notice that this mysterious boy was sitting right in your spot at the table before bumping his head a bit with your tray. You blushed madly and backed up a little placing your tray on the table. "I-I'm sorry! I di-didn't mean it!" You stammered and looked down at the boy connecting his eyes with yours. His eyes... They were beautiful...

"It's fine... Really. "He said calmly and you could swear to hear your heartbeat in your ears as you slid into the cold bench beside your friend. You immediately turned towards your friend and began whispering to her.

"Hey what's his name!"

"Hm?" She said as she was eating.

"The guy! What's his name!"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"You know I'm weird and awkward just please help me!"

"Mmmmm no. "She said and continued her lunch. You were annoyed to say the least but with not other option you decided to strike up a conversation with the guy, couldn't be that hard right?

"So uhm... W-What's yer name stranger!" You say quietly. 'Oh stupid! Stupid! Stupid!'

"Hm?" He says. 'Oh! Maybe he didn't hear me!'

"Your name?" You say softly but loud enough.

"Oh. It's _______. And yours?"

"Mine is _____." You say shyly.

"________..." He says your name slowly almost as if picking it apart and scrutinizing every part of it. "______. Thats a very beautiful name. "He said with the softest chuckle before going back to what he was doing. 'Beautiful?... He thinks my name is beautiful?" You blushed and thanked him and of course, like any girl would, you thought about it and him until you fell asleep that night.
Your Crush x You! (Introduction)
Leave some comments down there so I can know your feedback. It would would really help. I want to know if you guys want more of these kid of inserts.

I just thought it would be cool to have Ann insert with your crush because I don't know about you guys but when we started getting close I wasn't but rally readings fanfiction because I had him. What if we could bring him into the stories with us? So these stories (if I get enough feedback) will be different scenarios. I'm open to suggestions but not requests. If that makes sense hehe anyways! I hoped you liked it! And I hope you want more! So please 🎀Comment and add me 🎀


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